Critical Production Infrastructure


BAITLC Critical Production Infrastructure Committee (standing) is responsible for providing governance, oversight, and direction as it relates to the framework that is the foundation for the production systems and processes that the Business and Administrative IT teams operate. As these production systems support many of the mission-critical business operations of the University, changes to the underlying critical production infrastructure (“Infrastructure”) need to be carefully coordinated and considered.    

While this Committee will focus primarily on the Infrastructure currently in production, BAITLC’s Platforms Committee will focus on evaluating new infrastructure or platforms for the future. Close coordination between these two committees will be required to coordinate any production rollouts and ensure that the new infrastructure’s features meet the needs of the Business and Administrative IT teams.  


The Committee is charged with discussing, evaluating, providing feedback, and, ultimately, making decisions regarding changes to the production central infrastructure or processes upon which the Business and Administrative IT teams rely.  

The scope of this committee includes: 

  • Timing of planned upgrades, disruptions, and maintenance to Infrastructure in order to minimize impact to critical business processes; 
  • Prioritization of new features and major enhancements to the Infrastructure; 
  • Discontinuing or retiring any portion of the Infrastructure; 
  • Rolling out new or replacing Infrastructure; 
  • Changes of scope or direction to the Infrastructure; 
  • Changes to the costing or pricing model for the Infrastructure; 
  • Major or urgent issues related to the Infrastructure. 

It is understood that many upgrades to the infrastructure (both software and hardware) are mandatory or time-sensitive in order to keep the infrastructure supported, secure, compliant, and cost efficient. The goal of this committee is to ensure that these upgrades are discussed in advance in a constructive, productive, and proactive way to ensure that their implementation happens smoothly while minimizing the risk or impact to the critical business operations of the university.  


In the scope of this Committee are all of the Infrastructure components supported by ITS and other IT teams on campus that the Business and Administrative IT teams use to operate mission-critical systems.

Committee Deliverables 

As a standing Committee, the group will meet regularly and provide recommendations about changes to the in-scope critical production infrastructure. The expectation is that there will be fluid communication among this Committee, the infrastructure providers, BAITLC, and the Admin IT community as changes to the infrastructure are considered, planned, and implemented.  

If the Committee determines that there are gaps in membership and would like to add members, they should feel free to do so with members from BAITLC member organizations.   


While the function of this Committee is largely strategic, members are expected to have some expertise about the University's current infrastructure. 


Committee Officer




  Rich Janes                          
  Program Director   
  Technology Resources (TRecs)  

Committee Members

 Deputy Director
 Academic Information Systems     
 Rachel Graham  Senior Information Technology   Manager  Information Technology Services -   Campus Solutions
 David Moss  Director of Enterprise Software   Solutions 

 Information Technology Services -

 Campus Solutions

 Director, Enterprise Technical   Solutions  
 Enterprise Business IT Solutions
 Athena Reynolds   Associate Director  Budget Office
 Leslie Sitz Rodriguez         
 Associate Director of Information  Technology 
 Governmental Affairs and Initiatives -   OnRamps