BAITLC's role is to contribute to and help guide the strategies supporting enterprise and mission-critical IT solutions for University business objectives with its initial charge being to facilitate and accomplish the following:

  • Provide insight into how technology supports long-range enterprise, business, and administrative needs through strategic planning, technology innovation, and operational excellence;
  • Provide thoughtful advice, guidance, standards and, when appropriate, direction related to business and administrative IT infrastructure, systems, and services;
  • Anticipate and evaluate technology direction and options and their influence on administrative and business needs from a campus-wide perspective;
  • Provide appropriate collective stewardship, oversight, and accountability mechanisms for aging and emerging technologies underpinning University business and administrative systems as well as supporting structures and tools;
  • Identify and develop IT professionals and leaders; 
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration among business and administrative IT units and teams throughout campus;
  • Promote and facilitate a strong sense of community.

BAITLC formed in early 2020 and has prioritized working together across our organizations to support all of the changes brought to campus business and administrative policies, processes, systems, tools, and methods since March 2020.