What is the scope of BAITLC?

BAITLC helps guide the strategies supporting enterprise and mission-critical IT solutions for University business objectives. You can learn more here.

How does BAITLC relate to the Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC)?

BAITLC and the Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) work together to cover the University’s academic, business, and administrative IT systems and services.  While ITLC’s focus is largely IT that supports the academic mission of the institution, BAITLC focuses on the business and administrative functions of the institution.  BAITLC and ITLC co-sponsor several standing committees and regularly work to coordinate topics that are relevant to both groups where needed. 

Is BAITLC a replacement for the former Administrative IT Leaders (AITL) group?

No. BAITLC is made up of representatives from every business and administrative unit across the institution and while it has some members who have come through the traditional administrative IT career path, this is not a factor in membership.

What are the membership criteria?

BAITLC is made up of IT leaders from units with a large administrative focus. More specific details can be found on our Membership Page.

How can I get on the agenda if I have a topic to discuss with BAITLC?

If you would like to have a topic added to the agenda for an upcoming BAITLC meeting, email BAITLC@austin.utexas.edu.